Zombie Escape Development Update

26 Mar 2010 - Just wanted to post a quick update on how Zombie Escape's development is going. After announcing the game we've had a wonderful response from iphone app review sites and iphone gamers such as at the TouchArcade forums. So we decided to take some time to make the game even better!

Originally we decided there would be only a "Survival" mode with 3 maps and 5 weapons. Right now the plan is to add a "Campaign Mode" with multiple missions. We've also added 2 new weapons bringing the total to 7 and each of them have multiple upgrades that you can buy while playing through the campaign mode!

I can't reveal more details right now, just that the final weapon is kick-ass cool!

As for the release date, it should be sometime in April. We are extremely sorry for the delay, but we really want to make the game special!

Since the TouchArcade preview, we've also had great previews of the game from SlideToPlay and AppModo:

- Zombie Escape Hands-On Preview at SlideToPlay.com

- AppModo Preview: Zombie Escape: Will it be the best line drawing game?

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